• School of Humanities

    A Brief Introduction to the School of Humanities of Zhejiang

    Gongshang University Hangzhou College of Commerce

    ---Lasting as the Moon, Rising as the Sun

    The School of Humanities is a comprehensive school covering seven undergraduate majors: Journalism, Advertising, Public Service Administration, Public Administration, Visual Communication Design, Environment Design, and Product Design. Among them, Journalism is an emerging specialty in Zhejiang Province during the "12th Five-year Plan" period. It is also a pilot unit of journalism school jointly built by the local government and the university on behalf of the Publicity Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province. Product Design is the featured specialty in Zhejiang Province during the "13th Five-year Plan" period. It attaches great importance to application. The total number of full-time undergraduates is 1515 now.

    The School now counts 60 regular teachers in total, including 13 professors and associate professors; one enjoys a special allowance of the State Council and over 90% of the faculty have master’s degree or doctor's degree. We have built more than 20 practice bases off campus and employed more than 100 practical tutors.

    The School provides students with an excellent learning and practice environment. We have established the Institute of Journalism and Communication, the Institute of Public Service and Community Governance, “Internet Plus” Brand Research Team, Innovation Design Research Team, Art Experiment Center, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Guidance Center, International Academic Exchange Center, International Chinese Media Research Center, Huang Binhong Research Association, Zhejiang Traditional Culture Promotion Association, Huang Binhong Painting Institute, etc.

    Lasting as the moon and rising as the sun, the School of Humanities is gaining momentum. We strive to create the most outstanding team with the most humanistic feelings. We make efforts to make our students successful both at work and in life. In recent years, the graduates’ employment rate has exceeded 95% and their performance has been widely praised.