• Elite English--IELTS Project

    Improving Language Capability, Cultivating a Global Vision

    “Elite English” --The IELTS Project

    In response to the education reform requirements of the "13th Five-year Plan" and its Outline of Development Planning, Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou College of Commerce has developed the philosophy of “Quality First, Standard Management, Being Flexible and Strict”. This philosophy is the driving force behind the “Elite English” project. Fully optimizing teaching resources, this project benefits from various activities like cooperative education and international exchanges. Its aim is to enhance the global perspective of students, and to cultivate a group of high-quality application-oriented business talents with “humanistic spirit, professional quality, innovative awareness, global vision and professional skills”. In order to achieve this, the project has a two-pronged focus, as it builds students’ English language capability and world culture knowledge.

    “Elite English” Focused on Capacity Cultivation

    Integrating the curriculum teaching with practice activities, the specific courses are divided into IELTS English + Language and Culture courses + Vocational Core courses. Through these courses, students are able to improve their English language capabilities in as little as 1-2 semesters. Cultural courses will help students with English communication, logical thinking and aesthetic appreciation. Under the guidance of executives from Fortune 500 companies, students can specify their career orientation. Additionally, practical activities (English competitions and international exchange programs) can broaden students’ international perspective and enhance their professional competitiveness.

    Limited Restrictions on “Elite English” Enrollment

    The “Elite English” will be open to all the students in the College. Students with a college entrance examination English score of 110 or above will be eligible for the pre-selection stage.

    Excellent Training to Make You Stand Out

    “Elite English” is undertaken by a first-class teaching team jointly developed by Hangzhou College of Commerce and a professional training institution. The professional core curriculum is taught by a group of tutors from Fortune 500 companies. The English language and culture courses and student practice development projects are undertaken by a professional team from the School of Foreign Languages. This will further develop the open schooling model through comparative advantage and resource sharing.

    Special Awards for Excellent Talents

    According to the “Administrative Measures for Foreign Exchange Scholarships of Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou College of Commerce (2018 Edition)”, students can take the IELTS or TOEFL test. Pro rata funding is available for students depending on their results in these tests. Currently, there is an “IELTS Special Scholarship” available to high-achieving students in the project, whilst some outstanding students will be awarded the “Star of Academic Excellence” or the “Star of Diligence”.