• Students Exchange

    To meet the increasing demands of the Zhejiang economy, the College promotes an internationalized education, speeding up the development of a student body with internationalized views and international experiences. To date, the College has cooperated with universities abroad in launching numerous international programs, including exchange programs and degree programs, covering bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees. Exchange programs with eighteen universities like University of Oxford, University of California, Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, University of Toronto, and Kansal University are much sought after. Degree programs with ten universities such as Macquarie University, University of Nevada, Plymouth University, Northumbria University, and University of South Australia, are also popular. Through these programs an increasing number of students are able to take advantage of the rich experiences afforded to those who study abroad. At the same time, in order to encourage more students to study abroad the College has set up a variety of scholarships such as the “Special Scholarship for Overseas Study”, the “Scholarship for Summer and Winter International Exchange Program” and the “IELTS/TOEFL Scholarship”.