• International Economics and Trade

    Program Features  

    International Economy and Trade is an emerging program of Zhejiang Province and a key specialty of our school. Cross-border e-commerce orientation is the feature of this program. It has been designed to achieve cultivation of international trade professionals mastering contemporary international economic and trade theory, with strong practical skills in international trade, skilled foreign language proficiency, good business communication skills, innovative entrepreneurship, computer application ability and broad international vision, in line with the market needs of international trade development. Through gradual and systematic teaching of professional knowledge, and a series of courses and simulation practice training, students will be equipped with theoretical basis, good at practical operation, and master proficient communication skills. Furthermore, they will be qualified to deal with international trade, international investment and management consultation in international trade companies, multinational enterprises, e-commerce corporations, foreign economic sectors of government departments or international financial institutions after graduation.

    The International Economics and Trade program is scheduled to nourish international trade talents the contemporary international economic and trade theory and international economic and trade practices to meet the needs of international trade development. The program is blessed with a competent faculty; nearly half of the teachers have had experience as overseas students or visiting scholars. 


    Upholding the concept that human resource is the first resource, the program attaches great importance to the construction of the teaching staff. It combines talent training with talent introduction, emphasizing a balanced development in terms of the size, structure and quality of the teaching staff. There are three doctoral degree holders and two professors by now. And nearly half of the faculty have had experience as overseas students or visiting scholars.

    Main Modules

    The main courses include Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Statistics, Econometrics, International Trade Practice, International Trade Practice Simulation, International Trade Documents, Foreign Business Correspondence, Cross-border E-commerce Foundation, Cross-border E-commerce Practice, International Marketing, Cross-border E-marketing, International Logistics Management, International Investment, International Business, Financial Management of Multinational Enterprise, Monetary Banking, Public Finance, Accounting, etc. 

    Career Orientation

    After graduation, the students will be probably working in such organizations as professional foreign trade corporations, all kinds of self-owned import and export production enterprises, scientific research institutions, foreign-funded firms, customs declaration, international logistics of cargo, foreign related companies or engaged in junior financial work and business administration, international market research and planning, and assistant work in international trade dispute mediation.