• Finance

    Characteristics of the Major

    The Finance Major is the key programme of Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou College of Commerce. This programme features Internet Finance, setting up risk management and securities investment as the main research area. It aims to   cultivate high-quality application-oriented talents with strong financial business skills which can adapt to the development of economy and finance. By cooperating with Ronshi International Education Institute, the school has set up a CFA project. Relying on the curriculum system of international qualification certification of chartered financial analysts (CFA), high-quality versatile talents with good financial quantitative analysis skills are expected to be cultivated.

    Our principle is “teaching students according to their aptitude, laying a solid foundation, emphasizing application, and improving quality”. In order to cultivate application-oriented, versatile, and innovative financial talents, the Department of Finance and Rongshi International Education Institute, the largest CFA (chartered financial analyst) education institution in China, has jointly organized the CFA programme. Besides, we have co-established the Internet comprehensive financial training system with Zhejiang Tonghuashun Network Information Co. Ltd. Furthermore, by cooperating with Ping’an Insurance and other companies, we have established a featured training mode of “joint-training---internship---entrepreneurship.”  In the past two years, the students of the Finance Department have won more than 30 awards in the national college students’ Financial Elite Challenge and Zhejiang College Students Securities Investment Competition. In 2016, our students won the first prize of the Investment Strategy Team Competition (undergraduate group) with the highest overall score in the whole province. In 2017, our students won the second prize in Zhejiang College Students Securities Investment Quantitative Trading Team Competition and the third prize in the Investment and Financial Management Skills Competition.


    CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) is a finance major which is set up to train chartered financial analysts (international registered financial analysts) in the global investment analysis industry. The comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of investment analysis are designed to cultivate CFA licensees. The CFA Program is jointly organized by Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou College of Commerce and Rongshi International Education Institute-- the largest CFA educational institution in China. It is an innovation of high-level business talents training mode which combines the general undergraduate education with the international high-end vocational education, which fully meets extra requirement beyond students’ full-time program teaching. All the full-time teachers are CFA licensees.

    The Teaching Staff

    The Department of Finance has an excellent teaching team headed by Professor Lou Yingjun, with nearly 20 full-time teachers, including one candidate for the“151 Talent Project” of Zhejiang Province, two professors, two associate professors, three doctoral degree holders and two Ph.D. candidates, among whom over 60% have had experience as overseas students or visiting scholars in famous universities. Most of them employ classic Western teaching materials directly. The integration of Chinese style education with Western material is popular with the students.

    In recent years, the teachers in the Department of Finance have undertaken six provincial or ministerial-level projects and projects supported by Chinese National Natural Science Foundation. Major publications are as follows: five academic monographs and more than 30 papers in some important academic journals, such as Financial Research, Chinese Management Science, Scientific Research, Quantitative Economic Technology and Economic Research, Commercial Economy and Management, etc. Furthermore, the Department has won three national or provincial- level awards

    Career Orientation  

    After graduation, the students will be probably working in organizations such as insurance companies, mutual funds, private equity funds, securities companies, commercial banks, corporate finance departments, investment banks, consulting companies, trusts and other large financial institutions, or business enterprise sectors such as bond department, accounting department and risk management department in large and medium-sized enterprises, or government agencies such as financial regulation and social security fund management. They will also be engaged in financial core business such as securities underwriting, securities analysis, fund management, securities trading, and risk management.

    Major Courses

    The main courses include Western Economics, Monetary and Banking, Corporate Finance, Econometrics, International Economics, Financial Derivatives, Fixed Income Securities, Equity and Portfolio Investment and Financial Reporting Analysis, etc.