• Business Administration

    Business Administration is one of the oldest majors established by Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou College of Commerce. It began to recruit students in 1999 and was approved as an emerging feature specialty of Zhejiang Province in 2014. Based on the School’s innovative business, our mission is to cultivate “business elites in the new era”. Adhering to the motto of “perseverance, diligence, understanding and liveliness”, the Department of Business Administration is orientated towards a professional talent training program by focusing on entrepreneurship management and service management. The School is equipped with six professional labs such as ERP, VBSE, etc. We have established school-enterprise cooperation with a number of enterprises including General Electric Healthcare and Hikvision. In addition, enterprise elites are invited to act as mentors for students to conduct classroom teaching and guide through academic competitions such as “Internet plus” Innovation & Entrepreneurship competition, Challenge Cup competition, etc. Furthermore, student entrepreneurial teams are recommended to enter the school Startup Hub and Tonglu Entrepreneurship Park so as to improve students’ entrepreneurship awareness and innovative spirit in various ways and build application-oriented management talents with outstanding theoretical knowledge and practical ability.

    Major Courses: Principles of Management, Financial Management, Organizational Behavior (English), Marketing Management, Enterprise Leadership, Enterprise Production Management, Human Resources Management, Enterprise Strategy Management (English), Management Diagnostics, Management Ethics, Methods and Applications of Modern Management, Western Management Theory, Public Relations, Market Research Predictions, Computer Principles and Applications, etc.

    After four years’ study, we will arm students with the basic economic theory and modern enterprise management ideas, methods and means; students would be familiar with the relevant national economic policies, guidelines and regulations, have a strong sense of economic management and innovative spirits, have abilities to comprehensively analyze and solve practical problems, and cultivate scientific research writing and expression ability. Additionally, students would be equipped with the basic skills of listening, speaking, writing and translating in a foreign language, and reading professional foreign language books and periodicals.

    Business Administration Graduates are suitable to engage in management and consulting work in industrial and commercial enterprises, consulting institutions and economic management departments at all levels, or teaching and research work in relevant teaching and research institutions.