• Chancellor’s Welcome


    Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou College of Commerce (ZJHZCC),  located in Tonglu, originates from the century-old Hangzhou Business  School. We are blessed  with beautiful scenery of Tonglu and boast the excellent  resources of Zhejiang  Gongshang University. Upholding the motto of “Honesty,  Perseverance, Diligence and  Simplicity”, we aim to speed up development  through innovation. 

    In order to fully conform to China’s recent higher education trends, the college is   adhering to the principle of open education and attaches importance to the  integration of  theory and practice. As economic restructuring and industrial optimization continues, we  are striving to construct and implement an application-oriented talent training system for big business. Through our expansion of international exchanges and cooperation with partner schools, we are improving students’ individual development, increasing their sense of responsibility, cooperation and competition, and enhancing their humanistic spirit, professional quality, innovative awareness, global vision and professional skills. Furthermore, we are helping students become “spiritually mature and professionally successful” in order to ensure that their time at the school will provide life-long benefits to them.

    We will continue to implement Hangzhou Business School’s strategy which is to treat students as if they were our own children. As such, we will build platforms and provide ample opportunities for students’ professional development. Additionally, we will emphasize traditional values so as to help our students get to know themselves better and improve their ability to deal with an increasingly challenging global marketplace. 


    Welcome to ZJHZCC 

    Jiang Tao

    Chancellor of ZJHZCC